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Geetham Foundations Pvt. Ltd. is a construction and real estate company since 1997, currently having its base in Chennai. Its primary purpose is to construct both residential and commercial buildings with very high quality and aesthetical value. Its purpose is also to introduce innovative and creative ideas on the subject of construction and architecture.

Our Concept:

More than a Mission, Vision or a Notion, we would like to describe the intention of our company as a Concept. And our concept is plain and simple: Development through Efficiency, Quality and Aesthetics. We have gathered a team of very young and energetic talents along with old and experienced masters. Together, we aim to produce both residential and commercial buildings, rich in Aesthetical values and Quality, and we aim to produce these on a very Efficient time and price scales.
We are ready to downsize our profits for the greater good of the company. We are ready to downsize our profits to increase the quality of our products to a maximum level, but at the same time, set a price similar to that of the market price.

The Secret Ingredient

It is with great pleasure and joy that I introduce to you my company “Geetham Foundations Pvt. Ltd”. I have started this company with great many blessings and wishes from my friends and family and I hope all those would sail me past through storms and blizzards to the beautiful island called Success. I was once told that, you don’t have to run behind creating brand image to sell your products, instead concentrate on producing good and satisfactory products, then the brand image would run behind you.  It is with the same attitude I have started this company. My initial idea for this company was to create buildings with maximum quality along with exemplary innovations and creativeness. But I thought, to create this I have to set a price very high, maybe even too high for a middle-class man or a woman to buy. And there I was, in a right-fix, to decide what I want the most. I never wanted to sacrifice the quality, innovations, creativeness and other exemplary characteristics of my dream buildings and I always wanted to create products which even a financially poor man or a woman could buy. So I decided to downsize my amount of profits. I am ready to sacrifice some of my profits to create buildings with very high quality, innovativeness, creativeness etc, with the price similar to that of the market price. I found out that this was the secret ingredient used by many companies to achieve success, and I also found out that, it was the same ingredient which helped my dad’s company to prosper as well. So that’s how it was, that’s how it is and that’s how it will be. Welcome to Geetham Foundations…….

Prasanna Murali
Managing Director
MSc Management
University Of Leicester (UK)

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