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Elevation Design
We take special care while designing the elevations of our flats. By default, our elevations will have a neat designer look which will be coated with putty and painted with emulsions.Depending on the area of the project (ie if its high rated), we will use very innovative and creative designs for the elevations, such as using desinger Cera, Somani or its equivalent tiles to decorate the elevations and much more.
Flooring Tiles

The floorings inside your flats will be provided with very high quality virtified tiles belonging to brands such as Nitco, Dazzle or equivalent. We usually use premium quality Nitco virtified tiles.
Burma Teakwood
Our main doors are fitted with not just any teak wood, but with Pure Burma Teak Wood, the best quality of its kind. We also provide a default door carving for the main door. The customers choice for the door carvings is also appreciated. Also, depending on the area of the project (ie if its high rated), the interior woodworks if any, will also be furnished with Pure Burma Teak Wood.

The common area flooring in your flats will be decorated with highly furnished Granites, giving your flats a rich and elegant look.
Hand Rails and Balcony Rails
The material for the hand rails in the stair cases and in the balcony will be SS. The SS hand rails are known for its premium quality and for its rich look.
Parking Tiles

Currently for the flooring of your parking space, we use premium quality Dazzle designer tiles or its equivalent, giving the parking space a very sturdy character and a very attractive look.
CCTV Cameras

The Cctv cameras nowadays acts as a very vital tool for security. We have ties with some really good cost effective security companies, which would guide you to your security needs.

Please note:
Installation of Cctv cameras is optional to the needs of the customer. The customers would have to pay for it seperately and our company will not take part in the maintenance of those systems.

Every part of the walls and elevations in your flat will be double-coated with JK or BIRLA putty, which is of a very premium quality.
Walls and Paints

We use Asian premium emulsion or its equivalent as default for the walls after two coats of putty, which gives a very elegant and plush finish. Also, depending on the area of the project (ie if its high rated), we will use new and modern materials better than premium emulsions to create a very unique, innovative and exemplary look for your walls.
Please do not think that all these exuberant display of quality and high priced materials will have any impact in the pricing of the flat. We are ready to downsize our profit, which is our motto, to produce the quality as promised and give our product at a price, similar to the pricing of other flats in the area.
Real Estate Services
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